Monday, September 29, 2008

Just in the Nick of Time--the Happy Insomniac September Update!

Hi readers! (All two of you...)

We've got some exciting new additions to Happy Insomniac this month:

Fiction: Noise, Part II by Luke Boyd
Fiction: Ben's Prologue by Annie Houston
Fiction: Day One by Jessica Maher
Poetry: Mr. Wrong by Alan Pritchard
Poetry: A Private Place to Read by Dawn Colclasure
Poetry: Just Words by Dawn Colclasure
Haikus: Haikus on Email Activism by yours truly
Essays: Rest in Peace, David Foster Wallace by yours truly, as well

Also, if you, like me, were extremely saddened by the tragic death of David Foster Wallace, I highly recommend this article on Salon, which damn near brought me to tears. Although of course I didn't know DFW personally, this article serves as a painful reminder to all of us that we need to take care of the people we love when they are in pain. (And DFW's loved ones did a tremendous job...their compassion and love even in the face of his suicide--when they would have every right to be angry--is heartbreaking and inspiring.) Depression is a hard disease for the unafflicted to understand. Even I, who am intimately familiar with it, can get impatient with the endless complaints and inactivity of those who are depressed. And depression is also impossible for loved ones to cure all by themselves, even as we fervently wish that we could magically fix all the problems. The best we can do is support each other and do our best to provide help to those who need it. How sad that such a wonderful mind was the source of so much joy to readers and so much agony to himself.

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